Monday, August 23, 2010


It has been eons since a man has
given me a rose... or any
flower. Of course I'm
not counting flowers sent
by friends and relatives
for funerals or holiday
flowers sent to the family.

Okay, I'll admit that buying
flowers "just because" is
a total waste of money.
That's the frugle side of me.

But he picked it from his
garden! What a thoughtful
and nice thing to do!
He knocked on my door
and there he stood with the
rose. For goodness sakes....
I'm 71 years old and I just
about melted!

And, who is "he"?
He is the man I was
agonizing over meeting on
my past two blogs. No, I will
not mention him by name
until the day I am sure
this will develop into a
serious relationship.

But I must admit I am VERY
impressed. We talk plus he is
a very personable person who
easily strikes up conversations
with strangers. Something
I have always done. I talk to
people in lines, in elevators and
at doctors offices which back
east often gets you the
"who's that crazy lady"
stare. SoCal is a whole other
ball game. People are laid
back, friendly, road rage
is not the norm like in
NuJoisey. He was born and
raised in SoCal and probably
has no idea how stressed
out east and rude east
coasters can be.

So here I go again! After Gene
died I felt I was too young
(58) to go it alone for the
rest of my life. And much to
my good fortune Art came
into my life. But when he died
I swore I wasn't going to put
myself at risk of loosing another.
And now my interest is
sparked again. Will I ever
learn my lesson?

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