Monday, August 23, 2010


It has been eons since a man has
given me a rose... or any
flower. Of course I'm
not counting flowers sent
by friends and relatives
for funerals or holiday
flowers sent to the family.

Okay, I'll admit that buying
flowers "just because" is
a total waste of money.
That's the frugle side of me.

But he picked it from his
garden! What a thoughtful
and nice thing to do!
He knocked on my door
and there he stood with the
rose. For goodness sakes....
I'm 71 years old and I just
about melted!

And, who is "he"?
He is the man I was
agonizing over meeting on
my past two blogs. No, I will
not mention him by name
until the day I am sure
this will develop into a
serious relationship.

But I must admit I am VERY
impressed. We talk plus he is
a very personable person who
easily strikes up conversations
with strangers. Something
I have always done. I talk to
people in lines, in elevators and
at doctors offices which back
east often gets you the
"who's that crazy lady"
stare. SoCal is a whole other
ball game. People are laid
back, friendly, road rage
is not the norm like in
NuJoisey. He was born and
raised in SoCal and probably
has no idea how stressed
out east and rude east
coasters can be.

So here I go again! After Gene
died I felt I was too young
(58) to go it alone for the
rest of my life. And much to
my good fortune Art came
into my life. But when he died
I swore I wasn't going to put
myself at risk of loosing another.
And now my interest is
sparked again. Will I ever
learn my lesson?

Friday, August 6, 2010


Well, he called last night. I emailed him
my phone numbers around 4pm, later
about 9pm I went to the supermarket for
milk, and when I came back there was an
email asking the best time to call. I replied
any time before 12m was fine. He called
right away. And as I predicted I was tongue
tied, couldn't keep my thoughts in order
because I was nervous. He said he would
call me again tonite. I just hope he didn't
think I'm a crazy old lady and decides not
to call. And yes, he did say my voice would
take some getting used to. I hate my voice!
I probably missed my calling to be one of
those weird voices in cartoon movies.

Ohhhhh dear.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

As Eeore would say: "Ohhhh dear!!!"

I posted a few days ago about a
gentleman I am really interested in
meeting and he had said he was
in the process of talking to and
meeting another lady. While
disappointed, I understand and
decided to wait my turn, at least
for awhile, and be content to be a pen pal.
I feel the same since one person to
date at a time is all I can handle.
It's not that it's a moral issue with me.
My brain is simply too disorganized
and if I were dating two men I am
sure I would end up talking to
one about our last fun date when
it actually was with the other. It
happened more than once when
I was a teen and it quickly resulted
in not getting asked out again.

The first thing this morning I
received an email from him
suggesting we meet. I am totally
dumfounded, a nervous wreck. It
is now 3:30pm and I still have
not responded. Oh, I am more
than happy, in fact I would
categorize how I feel close to
feeling like a teenager again who
has scored some attention from
the class heart throb.

While I intend to respond with a
"yes" what else should I say?
Where should I suggest we meet?
What if he does not like me?
What if I say all the wrong things?
And worse, what if I am so
nervous that I cannot talk much
at all. And talking? What about
this horrible voice of mine?

Ohhhhh dear.

To say my voice is "distinctive" is a
gross understatement. Even
after living in SoCal for 11 years I
still have my wacky South Jersey
accent interspersed with my
Southern roots on the DelMarVa
Penninsula. NOT a good
combination. Then add to that
is I have this nasal tone that
makes me sound like the
old TV actress, Selma Diamond,
from the show Night Court.....
or a bit like Fran Drescher, from
the TV show "The Nanny".
And there's just no changing how
my voice sounds unless I
only whisper.
Ohhhh dear.

So now I am a nervous wreck. It has
been FOREVER since I have
dated. I married when I was 23,
he died when I was 58 and I
soon met Art, who I had previously
met in the past.... it really
wasn't a date, it was a reunion
after talking via the internet and
telephone for six months and
discovering we actually met
years ago. Of course I did not
clearly remember him but he
remembered me and quite accurately.
I guess I made an impression?
Will I make a good impression with
this new gentleman?

Ohhhh Dear!

And talking to him when we meet. I am a
writer and this comes very easy to me.
But holding a conversation face to
face? When I write I can put
my thoughts in order. Delete, cut and
paste, back space and proof read. I am
typical of many hyperactive and
creative people, there are so many thoughts
running through my head that my
mouth just cannot keep up. In the
middle of what I am saying there are
a dozen other related thoughts trying to
make it into the conversation and I
often change subjects in the
middle of the sentence, start to
talk about something else, then fail
to get back to my original thought.
Especially when I am nervous.

Ohhhhh dear.

And I cannot rehearse what I am going
to say when meeting this man...
not like I used to do when I used
to give financial presentations, or when
I was teaching about something.
This is different, it cannot be
rehearsed. Ohhhh dear!

If I am so happy I am going to
meet this man why am I so much
in a flutter about it? For goodness
sakes... I'm 71, I'm not a teenager
any more so why am I feeling
like one? Relax Mary, take a deep
breath, and stop being a
worry wart.

Ohhhh Dear!
and another heavy

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


This is my family. Left to right:
My baby, Marybeth
My oldest, Eva (Diva)
Little ole me
My "adopted" sister, Bobbi
My middle child, Anna

Now, for the reason to post.

It has been a long time since
I have posted. I haven't been all
that busy. In fact I'm
beginning to realize that my
life has become lonely and boring
and that I miss having a man
around the house.

I have been on vacations and
cruises with my daughters
and girlfriends, trips with
the senior citizens, but too often
I find I'm doing my favorite
things alone. My daughters all
live back east, my favorite travel
partner has found a new love
and our plans for a trip to Ireland
and Scotland as well as a cruise
up the Rhine, to Hawaii and
Alaska have been put aside.
My middle daughter has also
found a new love and has changed
her plans to spend two weeks
with me in September. Yes, they
were all here once this year
but I was looking forward to
another visit. From the way things
are going my daughters next
vacation will be a honeymoon.
I'm so happy for her but.....

My sister and girlfriends got
together for a combined
birthday party. Two of my
friends, Dottie and Bea, were talking
about all the fun they were having
since they joined a senior dating
site. In fact Dottie, at age 80,
seems to have found her perfect
match. So I came home and
joined up.

I'm way way out of practice with
this dating thing. As my past
blogs say, after my first husband
died it was only a year and a
half before I met my 2nd, who after
we started talking we realized
we had met years ago at several
corporate financial conferences.
So there was no real dating,
looking for the perfect mate, we
just melded into a wonderful
10 year relationship.

Still, how hard could it be to
seek out a new mate? Not to brag
but I look darned good for my
age, I have a good sense of humor,
I'm happy and positive, I'm
reasonably intelligent, and I am
financially secure. In my (biased)
opinion I am a good catch.

And here I am a month later
still without a date. Perhaps one
mistake I made was to state
I am financially secure. Seems this
put up the "scam antenna" out
to attract 50 somethings looking
for a sugar momma. Half of those
who contact me are in this
category. Hey guys! I wasn't born
yesterday. I am not flattered or
all-a-flutter. I got my money because
I'm smart, know how to invest,
and worked hard.

I get lots of "winks" and "I'm interested"
messages. At first I responded to
a few of them and found out they
came from men who seem to be
incapable of constructing an
entire sentence. If you can't tap out
a decent message how well will
you be able to communicate?
I was married to a non-communicator
for 30+ years, no thanks to that
again. And finally the most
annoying ones. Elderly men looking
for a test subject to so they can
try out their Viagra prescription,
and/or obviously looking for
a replacement housewife who
will cook, clean, and do laundry.
Sorry guys, my idea of
planning a meal is deciding
what to order from Chinese
take out. I do laundry for two
reasons, I ran out of under ware
or I have to sit on the cloths
hamper to close it. And cleaning?
I vacuum up the big chunks
and tell everyone that all
flat surfaces are not really
dusty, they are frosted.... Just
don't touch them and spoil
the effect.

So I finally found one really
good prospect.... exactly what
I am looking for. Seriously
involved with vintage cars,
something I have loved forever,
active, and can actually

Unfortunately, one big draw back,
he's 5 years younger than me.
Well, he answered me right away.
Said the age difference is not
an issue. Yea! But as I read
on the disappointment came....
he is already communicating
with someone else, I hope it's
not Bea, and he wants to
meet her before moving on to
meeting me. But he wants to
remain pen pals.

Oh well, I'll wait out being 2nd
place choice for awhile...